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Change is essential to our approach.

Our LVD Framework follows key principles and growing research across disciplines as: change management, social psychology, organizational learning, and systems thinking.


Leaders in organizations ultimately drive change and culture to the desired state.

Our approach seeks to align leadership teams on a future vision that’s activated through a unique set of behaviors and mindsets.

Those perceived as leaders are best positioned to inform this vision through their interactions with others and how they are perceived by others in the organization. Leaders build culture from which actions they role model, moments they celebrate, and what they signal to be important through their decision-making.


Employee activity across the organization sustains change and culture efforts.

Our approach involves vesting management and decision-making rights related to these efforts to select employees doing the work.

Employees want to participate in building your desired culture - which is ultimately brought to life through their experiences. Participating in change encourages buy-in and commitment from employees to ensure the adoption of new behaviors, learning of critical tasks and adapting to new norms.


Organizational design reinforces the intended outcomes of change and culture.

Our approach produces results through minimalist interventions that sense and respond rather than predict and control.

Organizations are living systems, ideally comprised of coordinated activity, navigating the naturally occurring tensions of culture and change. Through having a strong sense for the context, leaders can intervene and respond with levers such as strategy, talent, processes, rewards, and structure that are often in flux.

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About LVD

Our mission is to help leaders craft their unique culture that fosters enriching lived experiences within the workplace.

Thriving organizations begin from within.


LVD Strategies is a strategy consultancy that supports clients to enable the behaviors and mindsets essential for sustaining organizational growth and transformational change.


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