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We are people-focused, results-driven change agents.

LVD Strategies combines years of corporate and nonprofit consulting experience with core values rooted in equity, abundance, and the desire to see organizations and the people within them operating at their very best. We value the ability to articulate, listen, consider, and change, and we believe that true insight is found with those closest to the experience.


Through our partnership we help leaders and teams to articulate their unique cultural norms and values. With this clarity, we can align people and organizational strategy to broader business priorities and goals - supporting both the employee experience within the workplace and the bottom line.


Our Founder

Brandon Wilks, Lead Consultant

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LVD was founded in 2022 by Lead Consultant Brandon Wilks. As the son of Jamaican immigrants, Brandon developed a balance between his joyful curiosity and strong work ethic early in life that has influenced the way he now operates within the LVD organization.

Brandon has a proven track record of helping organizations identify future strategies, improve employee experiences and create an inclusive workplace culture. He utilizes a variety of approaches to meaningfully discover the foundation of an organization's culture and drive transformational change.

Brandon has over a decade of experience identifying strategic insight through multi-method designs as an organizational consultant at industry leading firms, with clients including national nonprofits, global suppliers, regional hospital systems, and technology companies. Brandon graduated from Harvard University, where he concentrated in Sociology and Psychology, and Northwestern University, with a Master of Science degree in Learning and Organizational Change.

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Our Core Values


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