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When articulated values become aligned with lived experiences, organizations thrive.

At LVD Strategies, we exist to make that possible.

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Unlock your growth potential from a flourishing organizational culture

Culture aligned to business outcomes can be a game changer.

Strategic insight emerges from a thriving culture where norms and values are clearly articulated and, most importantly, experienced from within. 


By realizing the value of culture as an organizational asset, leaders optimize talent management and change efforts  -- unlocking the potential of our people to thrive in an increasingly complex and interconnected business landscape.

We will spark a virtuous cycle of the implicit becoming more explicit to attain strategic outcomes and build better teams.

We are for you if...

You strive for cultural excellence.





Most HR leaders know the culture their organization needs to drive business performance. Still, when surveyed, only 30% are confident that their desired culture was evident in their actual culture.


You believe in unleashing potential.





Employees at high-performing companies are 55% more likely to agree with the statement "Senior leaders act in accordance with company core values and beliefs.” They are more than just words on the page.


You seek competitive advantage.





Toxic culture is 10x more powerful than compensation in predicting attrition rate. Replacing an employee is 6-9 months of salary on average, in addition to loss of institutional knowledge, team morale, and bandwidth.


Ready discover what more you can do with your organizational culture? 

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About LVD

Our mission is to help clients bridge the gap between cultural philosophies and lived experiences within the workplace.

Thriving organizations begin from within.


LVD Strategies is a strategy consultancy that supports clients to enable the behaviors and mindsets essential for sustaining organizational growth and transformational change.


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