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Our offerings focus on ideation and unlocking
shared habits and capabilities to sustain growth

Eco-Friendly Design

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ERGs & the Future of Work

Explore the role of ERGs for improving employee experiences as new ways of working emerge 

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Role of Culture in Change

Discover how norms and values unique to your workplace can activate and sustain change

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Power of Employee Recognition

Build the foundation of a values-based recognition programs and other team initiatives

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Improving a Sense of Belonging

Identify belonging - forming habits that deliver on both business results and well-being

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Generating Feedback Loops

Hyper-charge your learning culture through incorporating feedback loops and related tools

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Shared Awareness & Influence

Grow your skills as a change agent to increase a sense of shared accountability and collective growth

Let's Learn Together!

We facilitate leadership off-sites, strategic

planning sessions, and team convening moments to enable problem solving, innovation, and collaboration.

Tell us more about you!

Modern Architecture

About LVD

We partner with leaders to advance organizational aspirations and learn from lived experiences within the workplace.

Thriving organizations begin from within.


LVD Strategies is a strategy consultancy that

supports organizations to sustain growth

and transformational change.

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